I have worked as a consultant since 2016 in different roles: Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Data Scientist, DevOps, and Scrum Master. I have worked on all aspects of data management: retrieval, storage, cloud infrastructure scaling, statistical analysis and data mining. Following the entire data life-cycle: web scraping, design of relational databases, cloud deployment, RESTful API and Jupyter Notebooks. In 2019 I took a couple of sabbatical years to investigate Statistics & Finance. I also contributed to two scientific papers on Web Scraping and Data Visualization.

  • Education:
  • Bsc: Computer Science, University of Pisa;
  • Msc: Business Informatics, University of Pisa;
  • Bsc: Statistics for Data Science, University of Palermo.


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Lifetime experiences:

Sunny Plans

SunnyPlans represents a fusion of my dedication to a brighter, more sustainable future and the vast possibilities of the solar industry. At its core, this startup is committed to aiding businesses in the solar realm by pinpointing the optimal terrains for their utility-scale solar projects.

With a clear focus on innovation, our platform serves as a beacon in the renewable energy landscape, streamlining processes to make the transition to solar energy more efficient and impactful.

My involvement with SunnyPlans is deeply personal. It's more than just a business endeavor—it's a manifestation of my passion for and commitment to renewable energy. Through this startup, my aspiration is to play a pivotal role in championing solar energy, making it a mainstream choice for many.


Open Source

During the first lockdown, I took some time off to contribute to an open-source project: Dask. It was an intriguing and challenging mental activity, design and implement a new feature in a library used to perform distributed scientific computing.

The feature I implemented is random sampling on Distributed Sets (Bags). Implementing it allowed me to face the main challenges the Big data sector has to deal with daily.

If you want to read more on it, I wrote a medium post with its explanation and proof.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas Pydata Meetup

In 2022, I made the decision to move to Las Palmas, drawn by its international allure. The city boasts a thriving community of digital nomads and expats, all embracing the remote work lifestyle.

In November 2022, seeing the immense potential, my friends and I established PyData Las Palmas. Since then, we've been igniting innovative concepts and fostering a vibrant local community in this Canary Islands' hotspot.


Statistics for Data Analysis

After many years of working experience with international clients, plus a Bachelor's and Master's degree, I decided to get back on Math and enroll at the department of Statistics at the University of Palermo.

Kiwi Bot

Kiwi Bot

I worked with Kiwi Bot for three months at Skydeck Berkeley incubator. I stumbled across Sasha Iatsenia, head of product at Kiwi Bot, even before he joined the company. We met some years before during a nomadic camp in Lanzarote, the Canary Islands.

Digital Nomad

Ex-Digital Nomad

Everything started working on an open-source project I created to learn Python. The project was a Web Scraper using Selenium, which took attention on I started using Upwork to get remote jobs. Then, I realized I could spend my earnings traveling and exploring the world.

I started living as a digital nomad visiting countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Canary Islands, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy. Then I moved for three months in Perù and one in Berkeley, United States.

Spazio Dati

Spazio Dati

During a year-long internship at SpazioDati, I worked with Ugo Scaiella and prof. Paolo Ferragina, on an Active Learning technique, which efficiently selects textual snippets to be annotated by humans. The dataset was created using the platform CrowdFlower (now re-branded as Figure Eight).

I trained a logistic regression model to replace one of the steps of SpazioDati’s proprietary Entity Linking system (SaaS): namely Dandelion.

Palazzo la Sapienza

Università di Pisa

I graduated from Università di Pisa with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, then a Master's degree in Data Science and Business Informatics. During my studies, I explored different research fields, including Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. During those years I also worked on a European Research Project on Information Extraction. Thanks to Erasmus LLP Programme I had the chance to study at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain.